Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 2 -- Mo's M-hat, Sam S and Cappy C

Mo's M-Hat

Ti's tie and Mo's M-HatInside the store the children picked out their gifts. Ti chose a tie with round spots because it reminded him of Otto. Mo chose an M Hat. It had a pretty flower on it, and when anyone smelled the hat, it smelled so good that people would say "mmmmmmmm!"

Sam S

Sam S on a hillNext Ti and Mo went walking on another pathway. As they walked, along came a snake, Sam S. Sam S hissed at them from the top of a hill--"ssssss!" Suddenly, he zipped down the hill toward them going "zzzzzz!"

Cappy C

Cappy C beside the pathA little further down the pathway they found a cat named Cappy C. Cappy wore a round cap on her head and lay curled around. She had a problem. Her back cracked, going "kkkkk!" It hurt so much, she started to hiss, going "sssss!" Cappy C asked Ti and Mo for help, so they went back to town go get a chiropractor and a cot for Cappy.

Syllable SilliesWhen Ti and Mo got to Otto's store the Syllable Sillies were outside. Ti and Mo tried to tell them that they needed a chiropractor, but the Sillable Sillies didn't understand--the word chiropractor was too big. So Mo had to break the word into it's parts like this: "chi-ro-prac-tor."
"We un-der-stand," clapped the Syllable Sillies. Then off they went to get help.

All Ti and Mo stories copyright 2002 by Andrew T. Andersen

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