Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 12 -- Rascal R, Valentine V and A Special Surprise

Rascal R

Rascal R growling at Ti and MoSuddenly, Ti and Mo heard something growl "rrrr-rrr-rrr!" behind them. It was Rascal R. He ran up to them, jumped on them, then licked them on the nose!

Valentine V

Valentine V flying by in his airplaneAfter feeling frightened by the X-Fox and Rascal R, Ti and Mo went outside with the queen to get some fresh air in the courtyard. "Vvvvvvv!" they heard above them as they sat there. The queen's friend Valentine V was circling above in an airplane. He landed the plane in the courtyard, then went over to greet Ti, Mo and the queen. "Let's go inside for dinner" said the queen.

A Special Surprise

The letters surpirsing Ti and MoTi and Mo walked inside through a long hallway, then swung open the wooden doors to the dining room. Inside were all the letters they had met on their journeys.
"Surprise!!" shouted all the letters together.
They had come to celebrate, for Ti and Mo had done something very important. They had met every letter of the alphabet, and were ready to learn to read!!

All Ti and Mo stories copyright 2002 by Andrew T. Andersen

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