Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 8 -- Zoomer Z and Bubba B

Zoomer Z

Zoomer Z going down the street on her skateboard.After a while the children left Grandma E's house to meet more letters. Just as they stepped outside they saw Zoomer Z zipping by on her skate board.

"Zzzzz" she went down the street. She was in a real hurry.
"Hi, I'm Zoomer Z. Nice to meet you. Bye-bye!" she said, then went "zzzzzz" down the street again.

Bubba B

Bubba B walking down the streetAs Ti and Mo continued down the street, they saw Buh Buh Bee coming toward them looking very sad.
"What's the matter?" Mo asked.
"I can't make the sound other bees make," said the bee. "All I can say is buh, buh, buh."
Mo realized that Bub Buh wanted to say "buzz" like other bees, so she taught him to say each of the sounds, "buh-uh-zz." She then taught him to say the sounds together faster until he could say "buzz!" all by himself.

All Ti and Mo stories copyright 2002 by Andrew T. Andersen

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