Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 1 -- Otto O, Syllable Sillies and Tommy T-Shirt

Otto O

Otto O rollingAs Ti and Mo entered the Land of Pix, they began to walk along a pathway to see where it would lead. Soon they heard someone crying out, "AHHHH! OHHHH! EWWW!" Ti and Mo ran down the hill to find Otto O, who was rolling back and forth. The children ran to save Otto, and he became their friend.

Otto decided that he would give the children a gift to thank them. So the children walked with Otto to the store he owned in town.

The Syllable Sillies

The Syllable Sillies in front of Otto's StoreOutside the store sat a funny looking creature called the Syllable Sillies. This strange creature talked by each head saying a part of the word. The creature clapped as it talked, too.

"Wel," "come!" clapped the creature.
"Thank you!" said Ti and Mo. "How are you?"
"Fan," "tas," "tic" clapped back the Sillies, then "Ter," "rif," "ic!"

Tommy T-Shirt

Tommy T-Shirt in the doorwaySoon along came Otto's salesperson, Tommy T-Shirt. This little man's tee shirt was so long that he had to shuffle his feet to walk, going "t-t-t-t-t-t-t!" as he came up to them. Ti and Mo followed him into the store.

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