Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 5 -- Gigi the Guide Girl, Separator Alligator and Dunlap D

Gigi the Guide Girl

Gigi the Guide Girl in her car.

The next day Ti and Mo set off to meet the Queen of Pix to learn more about reading and writing. Once they approached the castle, Gigi the Guide Girl drove up to them in her very old car. Her car was so old it noisily went "guh-juh, guh-juh, guh-juh" as it came. Gigi asked the children their names and what their sounds were. Ti and Mo didn't know what their sounds were, but Gigi said she would take them to someone who could show them.


The Separator Alligator

The Separator Alligator outside the castleGigi drove Ti, Mo, Able A and the Slowtalker up to the castle drawbridge, where they saw a new creature, the Separator Alligator. Gigi explained that to open the door they would have to give the sounds for their names. The Separator Alligator would help them.

Ti and Mo said their names and the Separator Alligator chapped them into their separate sounds. Ti's name was chopped into "t" and "i." Mo's name was chopped into "m" and "oh." The drawbridge came down and they went inside the castle walls.

Dunlap D

Dunlap D dancing in the courtyardOnce inside the castle courtyard Ti and Mo could hear a drum going "duh, duh, duh, duh, duh." With each beat of the drum, a dancer named Dunlap D would move. Finally he dove to the ground, stood on his head, and wiggled his toes to the drum's beat.

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