Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 10 -- Jumping J and Silly Y

Jumping J

Jumping J throwing his tambourine in the air

When they arrived at the palace, Jumping J was performing. He held a tambourine that he shook, making it go "jih, jih, jih, jih." He then jumped into the air and tossed the tambourine above himself.

Silly Y

Silly Y standing before the queenNext arrived the caretaker of the queen's pets, Silly Y. He was silly looking because he had hair shaped like Es and Is, and he sounded silly because every time he talked he would start by saying "yuh-ee, I"
"Silly Y, would you please take Ti and Mo to see my pets?" asked the queen.
"Yuh-ee, I-I'd be glad to!" said Silly Y.

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