Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 3 -- The Slowtalker, Kay Kittens and Hoppy H

The Slothful Slowtalker

The Slothful Slowtalker

As Ti and Mo hurried about getting help for Cappy, they met a creature called the Slothful Slowtalker. The Slowtalker said everything stretched out and slowly, and could only understand words when you said them very, very slowly.

"W-e n-ee-d a c-o-t," said Ti slowly, and the Slowtalker said he would bring one to Cappy.

The Kay Kittens

The Kay Kittens

When Ti and Mo and the Slowtalker returned to Cappy C with the chiropractor and the cot, they found that she had had kittens! The kittens in her tummy were what had made her back hurt, she explained. She named the kittens Kay-Higha and Kay-Lowa, because one pointed up high and the other pointed down low. Together they were called "the Kay Kittens." The Kay kittens were so used to hearing their mother make that cracking sound that they started making it too. "Kkkkk!" said the kittens, thinking that this was the way their mother talked. They did not hiss, however, because they were simply too young to do that.


Hoppy H

Hoppy H hopping through the forestTi and Mo and the Slowtalker headed off down the pathway again to try to learn more. Soon they heard a creature breathing heavily, going "Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh!!"
Ti and Mo hid behind some bushes because they thought the creature was coming to get them. Then, they jumped up and grabbed it! "Huh, help!" said the creature, who was the harmless Hoppy H. Ti and Mo said they were sorry for grabbing Hoppy H, and they let him go.


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