Ti and Mo
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Story Set 6 -- Quiet Q the Queen of Pix, Baby U and Fanny F

Quiet Q the Queen of Pix

Quiet Q with her baby
Gigi the Guide Girl led Ti and Mo into the palace to meet Quiet Q, the Queen of Pix. She was in her library unpacking books with her baby on her back in a backpack.

"I am pleased to meet you." said Quiet Q to Ti and Mo. "Because of your kindness to the creatures here in Pix I think of you as friends. I shall be glad to help you."

The Queen told Ti and Mo that to learn to read they should learn to understand the languages of the Slowtalker and Alligator. They also would need to meet each letter creature from the Land of Pix and learn their sounds. Finally she told them, "so everyone will know that you are my friends, come close and I will teach you my sound. Listen carefully--my sound is 'kw' as in the word quiet."

Baby U

Baby UNext as Ti and Mo were about to leave, the baby in the Queen's backpack began to make noises. The queen told Ti and Mo that her baby is called "Baby U" because he likes to point and say "you!"

"Watch," said the queen. "Baby U, which one is Ti?"

"Uh, uh, you!!" said baby you as he pointed at Ti. He then proudly thumped himself on the chest and said "oo! oo!"*
*This is the sound in the middle of book and push.

Fanny F

Fanny F

Ti and Mo left the palace and went into the castle courtyard. There they stood by a fountain when up came a fish flapping right next to them! "Fffff!" went the fish as it fanned the air. "Fffff!" it went again, fanning Ti and Mo and getting them all wet as well!

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