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The Adventures of Ti and Mo Early Literacy Program

Ti and Mo Literacy Kit

The Adventures of Ti and Mo: A Program for Young Children is a complete set of materials for teaching beginning reading to kindergarten age children. Through stories children learn each letter's name and sounds and develop understandings about reading. The Ti and Mo binder provides all the stories, as well as step-by-step lessons teaching comprehension, letter formation, phonemic awareness, reading and writing. All the materials for lessons are contained in the kit. In addition to the binder, the Ti and Mo kit includes Ti and Mo cloth puppets, stick puppets for every letter, worksheets for letter formation, word writing and reading practice, manipulative letters, games, art activities, beginning reader books, chalkboard, chalk and eraser, glue, crayons, scissors and other miscellaneous items.

Ordering Ti and Mo kit may be done online through paypal. A complete kit costs only $120 plus tax and shipping. To order click the button below and follow the paypal instructions.
(This option is only available for U.S. orders.)

The Adventures of Ti and Mo Home Program

Those who do not wish to order online may print an order form and mail it with a check to:

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