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Meet the Letters

Here you can meet all the letters of the alphabet with Ti and Mo, two friends about 5 years old that wanted to learn about reading and writing. Many times Ti and Mo stayed with Miss May, who told them stories about letters. She had a picture on the wall of a place called the Land of Pix. One day during nap time, Ti and Mo awoke to hear sounds coming from the wall. They climbed right up into the picture, and began down the pathway into the land where the letters live.

Ti and Mo in Pix
Come along--begin the journey with us!

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Note to parents: These stories will provide a powerful tool to help make sure your child develops letter knowledge and phonemic awareness critical to becoming ready to read. FLAVR recommends for kindergarten age children that you read about one Ti* and Mo letter story each day or two, then do related phonemic awareness activities and review all letters previously taught. Children particularly enjoy reenacting the stories with stick puppets, which you can print from the materials section of this site. For children entering first grade, we suggest you read a whole story set each day or two with review and phonemic awareness. Parents have permission to print one copy of the stories and materials for educational purposes with their children. These stories and activities are a shortened version of the original Adventures of Ti and Mo provided in our literacy program kit.

*Pronunciation note: Ti rhymes with "hi".


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