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FLAVR mission

FLAVR stands for "Full Literacy through Activities Verified by Research." FLAVR is a 501(c)3 Federal charitable organization, and a California nonprofit organization. FLAVR began its work during the whole language era of education, when phonics instruction was deeply discouraged in public schools and few had heard of phonemic awareness. Andrew Andersen, the author of Ti and Mo, wrote the program to apply the emerging research on phonics and phonemic awareness in a program that would make learning these skills fun and meaningful.

The goal of FLAVR is to bring children joyfully and successfully into literacy. We believe that the Ti and Mo stories are a uniquely powerful tool to engage children in literacy learning, and seek to make them accessible to every child where the alphabet is learned. FLAVR seeks to bring these stories to everyone, and to provide engaging, research-based materials, information and training to teachers and families throughout the world.

FLAVR is a small organization with a big dream. If you would like to help in that vision and your children have benefitted from the Ti and Mo program, please refer others to this site as well, so they may benefit too.

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